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The Parish Council is supporting the setting up of a Speedwatch Team in the village.  There is already a volunteer co-ordinator, if you are prepared to join please contact the Parish Clerk – more details here:

Community Speed Watch

Community Speed Watch was launched in 2007 and is a project working across Norfolk empowering communities to play an active part alongside the Police and the Safety Camera Partnership in tackling the problem of speeding in their neighbourhoods.

In an effort to help tackle the common complaint of speeding, teams of volunteers, (minimum of 6) who have their parish council’s verbal support, have been trained to use speed guns across the County.  One of the volunteers acts as the coordinator and is the point of contact for the team and responsible for looking after the radar equipment.

The groups are issued with a speed radar gun, 2 Community Speed Watch signs and reflective jackets.  Volunteers then carry out speed checks in 30 and 40mph limits working to Norfolk Constabulary’s Community Speed Watch guidelines.

Returns are completed logging various details such as vehicle registration mark, make, model or colour.  These are then sent into the Safety Camera Partnership team within 48 hours, who obtain the registered keeper details.  Registered keepers whose vehicles are observed breaking the speed limit will have their details recorded and will receive a warning letter requesting them to keep their speed down.  Those who persistently offend, and who live in Norfolk,  will be notified to the local Norfolk Engagement Officer for Police action.

Norfolk currently has 70 teams with new teams awaiting training.

Each of the 7 Districts has a designated police officer called an Engagement Officer, as a point of contact for the Watch Schemes who will provide support and assistance to members.

Please contact the Parish Council if you are prepared to volunteer.

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